our story

In 1988, Philippos Kameris founded the company PHILIPPOS KAMERIS LTD, which is since active in the field of Construction Industry. Due to the rapid and continuous success of the company, more companies were established, which come to be known as the Philippos Kameris Group of Companies.
Thus, today, the Groups activities cover the entire spectrum of the construction sector, such as: excavations, demolitions, collection and transport of hazardous and non-hazardou waste, constructions, trade, land development, etc.
The workforce, which consists of trained and qualified professionals, are the foundation of the Group’s customers’ trust. The personnel participate in workshops, seminars and conferences of various government, private and international organizations aiming at personal, professional and corporal development.
The privately owned fleet of vehicles and construction machinery of the Group is constantly updating, so that it can cover even the most demanding projects. It is one of the main reasons for maintaining the Group at the top of customer preference.

our services

The Philippos Kameris Group of Companies is active in the whole range of the construction industry and offers to its customers (individuals, public bodies, companies, etc.) services of
high standards and requirements in the following works:
– Demolition of buildings
– All kinds of earthworks
– Dismantling and all kinds of specialized demolitions
– Removal and management of asbestos and hazardous materials.

– Collection and management of waste from construction and construction works.
– Removals.
– Land development (Construction, sale, rental of real estate).
– Trade in used / recyclable materials.
Our concern is to work in a safe and healthy environment. Our principle is to abide by all the Regulations and laws of the Republic of Cyprus. Our goal is the immediate response and customer satisfaction.